esmaspäev, juuli 14, 2014

40 Regrets You Don’t Want to Have in 40 Years

Võtsin kirjeldused järelt ära, muidu oleks liiga pikka postitus tulnud, aga'ist leidsin. Ma ei tea, kuidas teistega on, aga mina lugesin ja mõtlesin küll iga punkti peale.

  1. Spending too little time with the right people. 
  2. Not making your loved ones smile more often. 
  3. Not saying what you need to say. 
  4. Constantly comparing yourself to everyone else.
  5. Ignoring your intuition for too long.
  6. Not taking action on meaningful goals. 
  7. Letting others talk you out of your dreams. 
  8. Vivid memories of wasted time. 
  9. Collecting more excuses than you can count.
  10. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting until you’re ready. 
  11. Not putting in enough effort.
  12. Letting solvable problems stop you. 
  13. Not taking on enough risk. 
  14. Settling for less than you are capable of. 
  15. Putting your own needs and happiness on the back burner. 
  16. Letting impatience govern your decisions and actions. 
  17. Giving up too soon.
  18. Letting someone walk all over you, ad infinitum. 
  19. Not helping others when you were able. 
  20. Ignoring your roots and those who have supported you. 
  21. Not appreciating what you have when you have it. 
  22. Letting your health go. 
  23. Years of struggling to find happiness outside yourself. 
  24. Letting too many plans blind you from the beauty of now. 
  25. Being too narrow-minded to see the opportunities given to you. 
  26. The limitations you put on yourself. 
  27. Letting negativity get the best of you. 
  28. Never admitting and growing beyond your mistakes. 
  29. Not accepting responsibility for life changes you need to make.
  30. Seeking too much validation from others. 
  31. Impressing the wrong people.
  32. Time spent on drama and needless arguments. 
  33. Letting a grudge hurt your happiness. 
  34. Endlessly worrying about things. 
  35. Forcing what’s not meant to be. 
  36. Getting stuck in the trap of consumerism. 
  37. Never traveling when you had the chance. 
  38. Not choosing to laugh at life more often. 
  39. Resisting change instead of rolling with it. 
  40. Talking the talk, but never walking the walk.